Get Off To A Good Start: How To Ensure The Success Of Your Deer Farm

Posted on: 9 November 2020

If you've purchased land for a deer farm and you want to get off to a good start, make sure you start with a plan. Before you get started, here are some tips to follow that will help to ensure the success of your new deer farm. 

Start With a Good Head Count

If you're going to start a deer farm and you've purchased natural woodlands, you want to start with a good head count. It's important that you know how many deer you have on your property. A good way to do that is to work off of a grid system. Mark your property off into grids, and then document the movement of the deer in each section. Once you know how active the native deer herd is on your property, you'll be able to proceed with the next step of the plan. 

Increase the Numbers

If you want to have a successful deer farm, you need to start with a good herd. Starting out with an insufficient number will limit the success of your farm. Once you've counted the herd, you'll know how many deer you'll need to add to the land. To add deer, be sure you work with a reputable seller. That way, you know you're buying quality deer. It's important to note that there's another reason why you should buy whitetail deer for your farm. Bringing in new whitetail deer will help to improve the DNA of your existing herd. Contact a company that offers deer for sale to learn more.

Plan the Logistics

If you're going to start a deer farm, you'll need to plan for the logistics. You can't simply bring new deer onto the property and then leave them to fend for themselves. You have to have a solid plan for their care. First, you'll need to understand your herd's nutritional needs. That will require you to survey your land. If your land won't provide the nutrients your herd requires, you'll need to plan feeding stations for your property. It's also a good idea to improve the growth of natural nutritional sources for your deer herd. You can do that by cultivating and fertilizing the land and by planting food sources such as oak trees and fruit trees. 

Add Fencing

Finally, if you're going to turn your woodland property into a deer farm, don't forget about the fencing. This is especially useful for preventing trespassing and poaching. Not only that, but fencing can help to maintain separation when you have different herds on your property.


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