Reasons to Go With Natural Fertilizer on Your Commercial Property

Posted on: 22 November 2019

Do you manage any kind of golf course, farm, or another property where there is a wide swath of land that needs tending to on a regular basis? If so, you are probably quite used to using commercial-grade fertilizer to keep your property how you like it. But today, more commercial landowners are choosing to switch to organic or natural fertilizer for commercial use. Will natural fertilizer be a good fit for you and your land? Here is why you might want to make the switch today.

Very Little Processing

First, it is important to understand what natural fertilizer is. This type of fertilizer includes nutrients still in their natural state. Chemical fertilizers often go through quite a bit of processing that is supposed to refine or extract certain nutrients, but there are advantages to just leaving the ingredients as they are.

Improved Soil Structure

Because all of the ingredients in the fertilizer are natural or organic, it is easy for the fertilizer to break down and slowly become a part of the rest of the soil over time. This will improve the overall structure of the soil and make it easier for the ground to suck up water and nutrients. This will make your golf course or farm more vibrant as the grass or plants start to gain strength and come to life.

Hard to Screw Up

One of the problems with chemical fertilizers is that some of the chemicals are fast-acting. They will seep into the ground and start causing changes rather quickly. This makes it possible to put too much fertilizer in a spot and then have the chemicals end up causing more harm than good. Organic fertilizer releases very slowly over time, so it is difficult to mess things up. Even if you put too much in one spot, it is still going to break down at the same, slow rate. This could protect your commercial land and help maintain its value.

Better for the Environment

If your company is environmentally conscious, you will want that to extend to your land maintenance as well. Organic fertilizer is free of chemicals that could harm certain types of plants or otherwise muck up your land with artificial contaminants. Once the natural fertilizer breaks down, it becomes part of the land without having any negative side effects along the way.

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